FOXY, No Tag was saved from Stanley Horses & Mules Kill pen in Arkansa, USA, on May 22, 2019. She is a Red Roan BLM Mustang Mare, 8 years old, broke to ride. With Mae’s assistance we were able to save her. Foxy is not very trusting of humans. She made a long journey from California where she was originally captured by BLM then changed hands several times. The previous owner of Foxy sent to us a video of her with his 2 children and being ever so gentle. She was sent off to auction then purchased by a kill buyer. We have no idea what happens to these poor animals when they go through these kill pens. Foxy we have however much time it takes for you to be trusting of us that we will not fail you.

Foxy gave birth to a beautiful buckskin stud colt on April 19, 2020. We think the father may have been a quarter horse and she was obviously bred in the kill pen. Therefore little Buck could possibly be a Quarterstang colt. He is thriving and such a sweet personality. Buck is fascinated with humans and we are able to handle him so we are hoping this will help his mother start to trust us. Foxy is so proud of Buck. Slow beginnings.


If you are interested in volunteering for us we would love to have you. The more organized we are and the more commitment we have from our amazing volunteers, the better the experience will be for you and for the animals.


Wild Rose Sanctuary is a non-profit horse sanctuary committed to the prevention, rescue and rehabilitation of neglected, abused and homeless horses.